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This project contributes to the four-lane widening of Highway 65 between Clinton and Harrison. When complete, the additional lanes will enhance the transportation connection between the cities, increase capacity, and improve traveler safety.

The proposed project to widen Highway 65 from Maxie Camp Road in Boone County to Highway 123 in Newton County has been separated into two phases. Job CA0906, Maxie Camp Road to Highway 206, will be completed in Phase 1. Job CA0909, from Highway 206 to Highway 123, has been renumbered as Job 090637 and remains a high priority for the Arkansas Department of Transportation and will be constructed in Phase 2 with state and/or federal highway funds.

Project Updates

Job CA0906 Maxie Camp Road – Highway 206
This project widenedapproximately 4.5 miles of Highway 65 to four and five lanes, extending generally from Maxie Camp Road to Highway 206 in Boone County.

Construction Progress



  • Construction Overview
    - Widening to 4 travel lanes with a painted center median
    - Elm Branch and Hog Creek bridge construction
    - Rally Hill Road realignment
    - Earthwork and hillside excavation
    - Final surface and pavement markings
    - Construction was substantially complete June 2020
  • Bid Opening
    Bids were opened by the Arkansas Department of Transportation in August 2017. The Arkansas State Highway Commission approved a bid for improvements by Nabholz Construction Corporation and awarded the project for $22.9 million.

Preliminary Schedule:

View CA0906 Project Map

Job 090637 (previously CA0909) Highway 206 – Highway 123
This project proposes to widen approximately 3 miles of Highway 65 to four lanes, extending generally from Highway 206 in Boone County to Highway 123 in Newton County. ARDOT has renumbered this project as Job 090637.

View CA0909 Project Map

Schedules are preliminary and are subject to change as project development progresses.


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