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Educational Meeting: November 14 & 15, 2016, Bella Vista Bypass Roundabout

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) will conduct two educational public meetings on how to navigate the interim modified connector roundabout for Highways 71, 71B, and 549.Nov 14 2016

Public Meeting: October 23, 2014, Bella Vista Bypass (CA0904)

AHTD will conduct a public informational meeting concerning the Bella Vista Bypass interim modified connector that will be constructed at Highway 71 and Highway 71B.Oct 23 2014

CAP News What is the Connecting Arkansas Program?

Through a voter-approved constitutional amendment, the people of Arkansas passed a 10-year, half-cent sales tax to improve highway and infrastructure projects.

CAP Projects Which Projects Are Being Funded By This program?

Thirty-six projects in 19 corridors across Arkansas are included in the CAP, which improves transportation connections to the four corners of Arkansas.

CAP Frequently Asked Questons Visit the FAQ Section For More Answers!

A collection of some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Connecting Arkansas Program and the projects funded by the 10-year, half-cent sales tax.