ARDOT’s Connecting Arkansas Program Marks 5-Year Anniversary

Information Release
Arkansas Department of  Transportation 
NR 18-252
August 21, 2018

PULASKI COUNTY (8-21) – Midway into its 10-year highway improvement program, the Arkansas Department of Transportation’s (ARDOT) Connecting Arkansas Program (CAP) is busy with construction projects throughout the State. 

Since July 2013, ARDOT has completed 11 construction projects and has another six under construction, equating to more than 85 miles of highway and interstate improvements. Another eight projects with 60 miles of widening or new-alignment construction are scheduled for bid openings later this year.

The CAP is one of the largest highway construction programs ever undertaken by ARDOT. Through a voter-approved constitutional amendment, Arkansans passed the half-cent sales tax to construct more than 30 projects in 19 corridors.

“The people of Arkansas voted for a half-cent sales tax to pay for capacity and safety improvements on our State’s Highway and Interstate System,” said ARDOT Director Scott Bennett. “The CAP program has provided a way to accelerate many of our construction projects, and it’s exciting to see new lanes opening and ribbon-cutting ceremonies.”

Much of the work accomplished in the first half of the program has focused on project development that includes design, environmental handling, right-of-way and utility coordination. A majority of design tasks are now complete, and the projects are transitioning into the construction phase.

To date, a number of high-profile corridors have been improved with the completion of $431.5 million in CAP construction projects, while several others will open new lanes to traffic this year.

Six projects are currently in construction:

Additional widening projects will begin over the next two years, which include U.S. Highway 67 within Jacksonville city limits, Interstate 30 southwest of Benton and Interstate 30 corridor improvements associated with the 30 Crossing project in Little Rock and North Little Rock. By the end of the program in 2023, two sections of U.S. Highways 82/425 will widen 15 miles between Hamburg and Louisiana, and another two projects in Columbia and Union counties will contribute 11.5 miles of work on U.S. Highway 82 toward the four-lane widening between El Dorado and Texarkana.

Although these construction projects are the core of the program’s focus, every city and county in Arkansas also benefits from the half-cent sales tax. In addition to the $1.8 billion that has been projected to accrue from 70 percent of the tax revenue, another 30 percent of the tax is turned back to local governments for local road and street projects, an estimated $700 million.

“The CAP truly is a statewide improvement program,” Bennett said. “Because Arkansans supported this program, we’re able to improve vital parts of our statewide system that may have been delayed years into the future due to funding constraints. The CAP’s success has gained national attention among highway and transportation agencies across the country.”

The website provides both program and project information, including maps, schedules, project updates, lane closure announcements, public meeting documents and ways to submit questions and comments.

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Through a voter-approved constitutional amendment, the people of Arkansas passed a 10-year, half-cent sales tax to improve highway and infrastructure projects.

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Thirty-six projects in 19 corridors across Arkansas are included in the CAP, which improves transportation connections to the four corners of Arkansas.

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