Project Status Updates

A quick look at which CAP projects are scheduled, under construction, or completed.

Our commitment to the people is to begin, continue, or complete the widening of the identified highway corridors to four or more travel lanes using the $1.8 billion generated during the 10 years the temporary sales tax increase is in place.

In 2012, The CAP, comprised of 31 projects across the state, were pledged to be completed or underway within the next 10 years. ARDOT made good on that promise and is now “tipping its CAP” to all those who helped make these infrastructure improvements possible.

'Tip of the CAP'

'Tip of the CAP'

'Tip of the CAP'

'Tip of the CAP'

Construction Projects

RouteCountyJob NameMilesStart DateEst
Hwy. 67PulaskiMain St. - Vandenberg Blvd. (Widening)

Contractor Weaver-Bailey

Amount: $145,188,901.33

2.26Sept 2022Late 2027
I-30SalineHwy. 70 - Sevier St. (Widening)

Contractor Johnson Brothers Corporation

Amount: $187,339,930.14

5.40Dec 2018Late 2024
I-30/40PulaskiI-530 - Hwy. 67 (Widening & Reconst.)

Contractor KMC

7.372020Mid 2025
TOTALS:3 Projects15.03 Miles$332,528,831.47

Completed Projects

RouteCountyJob NameMilesStart DateCompletion Date
Hwy. 167CalhounHampton - Hwy. 274 (Widening)

Contractor McGeorge Contracting Company, Inc.

Amount: $21,759,588.17

4.27July 2017April 2019
Hwy. 167CalhounHwy. 274 - North (Widening)

Contractor D & J Construction Co.

Amount: $28,964,146.84

7.1Feb 2018Aug 2020
Hwy. 167CalhounHwy. 79 - South (Widening)

Contractor McGeorge Contracting Co., Inc.

Amount: $27,947,896.01

5.682April 2020May 2022
Hwy. 167/278CalhounHwy. 167 Improvements (Hampton)

Contractor McGeorge Contracting Company, Inc.

Amount: $12,474,345.28

1.76Feb 2020Sept 2022
Hwy. 18CraigheadMonette Bypass

Contractor Robertson Contractors

Amount: $13,719,430.80

3.17December 2015May 2018
Hwy. 18MississippiManila - East (Widening)

Contractor W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company

Amount: $35,471,089.83

1.8Nov 2016Sept 2021
Hwy. 270GarlandFleetwood Dr. - Highway 227 (Widening)

Contractor McGeorge Contracting Co., Inc.

Amount: $22,614,576.73

1.75April 2021Aug 2023
Hwy. 412BentonHwy. 112 - I-49

Contractor Eutaw Construction Company

Amount: $100,620,381.24

4.5Dec 2014April 2018
Hwy. 412Lawrence / GreeneHwy. 67 - Hwy. 141 (Widening)

Contractor Atlas Asphalt, Inc. - Delta Asphalt of Ark., Inc.

Amount: $58,516,744.20

14.68Jan 2019May 2022
Hwy. 425AshleyLa. State Line - Hwy. 82 (Widening)

Contractor Diamond B Construction Company

Amount: $44,594,955.66

9.98Sept 2018Dec 2022
Hwy. 549BentonHwy. 71 Interchange (Bella Vista Bypass)

Contractor Emery Sapp & Sons

Amount: $66,593,069.36

2.86July 2019Dec 2021
Hwy. 549BentonHwy. 71B - Hwy. 72 South (Bella Vista Bypass)

Contractor Kolb Grading

Amount: $52,605,673.03

6.36Feb 2014May 2017
Hwy. 549BentonCo. Rd. 34 - MO St. Line (Bella Vista Bypass)

Contractor Emery Sapp & Sons

Amount: $35,516,446.50

2.55July 2019Oct 2020
Hwy. 64CrittendenCo. Rd. 375 - Hwy. 147 (Widening)

Contractor Crisp Contractors, Inc.

Amount: $23,303,705.43

5.46Aug 2016June 2018
Hwy. 64WhiteTurner Rd. - Co. Rd. 5 (Widening)

Contractor Bobby Kennedy Construction Co.

Amount: $8,024,792.14

2.99Jan 2016Aug 2017
Hwy. 65Van BurenHwy. 110 - Clinton (Widening)

Contractor Bobby Kennedy Construction

Amount: $33,984,382.53

7.86Jan 2019Jan 2022
Hwy. 65BooneMaxie Camp Rd. - Hwy. 206 (Widening)

Contractor Nabholz Construction Corporation

Amount: $22,942,315.85

4.47Aug 2017June 2020
Hwy. 67Pulaski / LonokeVandenberg Blvd. - Hwy. 5 (Widening)

Contractor Weaver-Bailey Contractors, Inc.

Amount: $79,264,377.01

4.6Dec 2016April 2019
Hwy. 70Garland / SalineHot Springs - I-30 (Widening)

Contractor McGeorge Contracting Company, Inc.

Amount: $78,528,337.31

17.8Dec 2016June 2018
Hwy. 82AshleyHwy. 425 - Hamburg (Widening)

Contractor JB James Construction

Amount: $26,704,204.59

5.37Sept 2018July 2020
Hwy. 82ColumbiaCo. Rd. 27 - Hwy. 79 (Widening)

Contractor JB James Construction

Amount: $34,222,056.40

5.77January 2020June 2022
Hwy. 82UnionAirport Dr. - Hwy. 82B (Widening)

Contractor D & J Construction

Amount: $33,475,854.25

6.12Sept 2020June 2023
I-40PulaskiHwy. 365 - I-430 (Widening) & I-430 Intchng. Mod.

Contractor McGeorge Contracting Company

Amount: $38,362,865.55

5.63Sept 2014Aug 2016
I-49WashingtonHwy. 71B - Hwy. 412 (Widening)

Contractor APAC-Central, Inc.

Amount: $28,288,806.20

3.85June 2015Nov 2016
I-49BentonHwy. 264 - New Hope Rd. (Widening)

Contractor APAC-Central, Inc.

Amount: $38,702,138.88

5.1June 2016July 2017
I-49BentonHwy. 62/102 - Hwy. 72 (Widening & Intchng. Impvts.)

Contractor Crossland Construction Co., Inc.

Amount: $27,738,355.54

3.43June 2016Dec 2017
I-49Washington / BentonHwy. 412 - Wagon Wheel Rd. (Widening)

Contractor APAC-Central, Inc.

Amount: $21,649,340.85

3.38Sept 2015Nov 2016
I-630PulaskiBaptist Hospital - University Ave. (Widening)

Contractor Manhattan Road & Bridge Co.

Amount: $87,384,772.06

2.16April 2018June 2020
TOTALS:28 Projects150.452 Miles$1,103,974,648.24
What is the Connecting Arkansas Program?

What is the Connecting Arkansas Program?

Through a voter-approved constitutional amendment, the people of Arkansas passed a 10-year, half-cent sales tax to improve highway and infrastructure projects.

Which Projects Are Being Funded By This program?

Which Projects Are Being Funded By This program?

Thirty-one projects in 19 corridors across Arkansas are included in the CAP, which improves transportation connections to the four corners of Arkansas.

Which Projects Are Being Funded By This program?

Visit the FAQ Section For More Answers!

A collection of some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Connecting Arkansas Program and the projects funded by the 10-year, half-cent sales tax.

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