AHTD Publishes Official Answers to 30 Crossing’s Most Frequently Asked Questions​
Information Release

Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department
NR 16-039
February 18, 2016

PULASKI COUNTY (2-18) – In a continuing effort to educate the public on a myriad of facts surrounding the proposed 30 Crossing project, a comprehensive set of answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) has been published, according to Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) officials.

Found on the 30Crossing.com web site, information is assembled in four categories: funding, studies & trends, public involvement, and concepts. A number of incorrect assumptions within the public domain propagated by blogs, neighborhood groups and stakeholders has prompted development of the FAQ.

Among the issues addressed include claims that widening I-30 would force additional widening programs elsewhere on the Central Arkansas freeway system; that downgrading the I-30 facility should be considered due to declining Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT); and that project funding could be used for an alternative that does not increase capacity.

The FAQ is a living document and more answers will be added as questions are identified.

Visit the  Know the Facts page.



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