Highway 270: Garland County

CountyMilesEst. Completion
Garland County 1.5Late 2023


These projects contribute to the widening of Highway 270 from Hot Springs westward. When complete, the additional lanes will increase capacity and improve traveler safety.

The proposed project to widen Highway 270 from Highway 227 to the Ouachita River in Garland County has been separated into two phases. Job CA0607 from Fleetwood Drive to Highway 227 will be completed in Phase 1. Job CA0612, the remainder of the project from the Ouachita River to Fleetwood Drive, has been renumbered as Job 061737, and will be constructed in Phase 2 with state and/or federal highway funds.

Project Updates

Job CA0607 Fleetwood Drive – Highway 227

This project widens approximately 1.5 miles of Highway 270 to five lanes and bike lanes, extending generally from Fleetwood Drive to Highway 227 in Garland County.

  • Construction Overview
    - Widening to 5 lanes with bike lanes
    - Constructing curb and gutter, and sidewalks
    - Constructing storm sewer and box culverts
    - Reconstructed intersection at Highway 270/Highway 227
    - Traffic signals on Highway 270 at Crystal Hill Road and Highway 227
    - Construction is estimated to be complete in late 2023
  • Alternate Routes
    - Southbound Highway 227 to eastbound Highway 270
      -- The dual left-turn lanes opened on April 7, 2023.
      -- Construction continues at the Highway 227/Highway 270 intersection and drivers are encouraged to take recommended alternate routes (NR 22-268-A) when traffic is heavy.

NR 22-268-A

Construction Progress



May 25, 2023 – Aug 05, 2023

Construction to widen Highway 270 (Albert Pike Road) to five lanes in Garland County requires lane closures along the highway for final road paving in Hot Springs.

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  • Recent and Upcoming Construction (updated 6/6/2023)
    - Highway 227 southbound to Highway 270 eastbound dual left-turn lanes opened April 7, 2023
    - Paving
    - Drainage system
    - Crystal Hill and Highway 270 signal activation
  • Bid Opening
    Arkansas Department of Transportation opened contractor bids in April 2021. The Arkansas State Highway Commission approved a bid for improvements by McGeorge Contracting Company, awarding the project for $22.6 million. 
  • A public involvement meeting was held December 8, 2016 to present and discuss the proposed plans to widen Highway 270. The flyer, map handout, and comment form can be downloaded here.

Preliminary Schedule:

View CA0607 Project Map

Job 061737 (previously CA0612) Ouachita River – Fleetwood Drive

This project proposes to widen approximately 2 miles of Highway 270 to five lanes, extending generally from the Ouachita River to Fleetwood Drive in Garland County. ARDOT has renumbered this job as Job 061737.

View CA0612 Project Map

Schedules are preliminary and are subject to change as project development progresses.


What is the Connecting Arkansas Program?

What is the Connecting Arkansas Program?

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Which Projects Are Being Funded By This program?

Which Projects Are Being Funded By This program?

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Which Projects Are Being Funded By This program?

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